Asure ID Express Software Features

Basic Features

Runs on Windows 2000, XP Yes
Designed for multi users Yes
Password protected Yes
Smart Card Access Yes
Definable user rights & privileges Yes
Available in English & Spanish Languages Yes
User's Guide, Online/Offline Help Yes
1 Year Support from Manufacturer Yes
Database Features Express
Includes fully configured MS Access 97 database Yes
Customizable data fields  Yes
Records can be queried  Yes
Custom report writer Yes
Standard reports provided Yes
Hardware Support Express
Configuration for mag stripe encoders Yes
Set up for digital cameras Yes
Supports any Twain fingerprint capture device Yes
Supports Penware, Wintab and Twain Signature Tablets Yes
Point and click configuration for most Windows
compliant printers
Printing Express
Prints one or two sided card designs Yes
Prints multiple cards per sheet Yes
Landscape or portrait orientation Yes
Individual or batch printing in definable order Yes
Magnetic stripes are encoded while printing Yes
Supports most Windows compatible printers Yes
Supports K plane printing Yes
WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") print preview Yes
Dossier printing Yes
Import/Export Express
Data may be imported Yes
Photo may be individually exported Yes
Records can be batch deleted Yes
Archive records as an .mdb file Yes
Restore records from file Yes
Images acquisition Express
Supports image capture through any Twain device Yes
Signature capture via pad or scanner Yes
Supports fingerprint capture as an image Yes
Multiple photos, fingerprints and signatures per record Yes
Card design Express
Vertical or horizontal text alignment Yes
Auto font size, word wrap & force upper case  Yes
Data types: text, number, list, label, date, true/false & concatenate Yes
Force manditory entry Yes
360 degree orientation of text Yes
Prefix and suffix capability on text and number fields Yes
Set min. & max character length Yes
Definable card duplication criteria Yes
Snap to grid alignment of objects Yes
Customizable grid settings Yes
Non-printing entries Yes
Conditional display of objects Yes
Ghosted images Yes
Photo background (chromakey) feature Yes
Uses most any Windows image files for logos Yes
Images print upon user defined criteria Yes
Drawing objects Yes
Sequential numbering and text Yes
CR80, CR90 and CR100 card sizes Yes
Import/Export of card templates as a file Yes
Support for Linear, PDF417 & Datastrip barcode
symbologies with definable properties
Helpful "show all objects" dialogue box Yes
Data entry Express
Records can be batch updated Yes
Binding of card templates Yes
Customizable query (search) function Yes
Quick find feature Yes
Easily reconizable icons to indicate card status Yes
Easily add, edit and save card records Yes

Note:  Use of the above Asure ID Software with Photo ID Systems, USA' bundled Instant ID Card Systems may be limited to the latest versions and service packs of Windows  2000 or XP due to the driver requirements of bundled peripherals. We recommend a Intel PII-400 or faster CPU.  We find that everything runs better with 512mb - 1gb or more of RAM Memory.  Available USB ports are mandatory.

Features and specifications subject to change without notice.

Presented by:
Photo ID Systems, USA
123 Grand Avenue
Billings, MT 59101-6020
Voice 406-252-3077
FAX 406-248-7548

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