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All Polaroid Photo ID Systems and supplies have been discontinued by Polaroid.
We are leaving most Polaroid Photo ID pages on our website up for archival references.

Polaroid pack films used in Polaroid ID Systems are no longer manufactured by Polaroid.
Fuji makes pack films that can be used in most Polaroid Photo ID Systems.

Polaroid branded ID Systems supplies are no longer available from Polaroid,
everything supply wise has been discontinued by Polaroid.

However, we do offer generic replacement Laminates,
Lanyards, Strap Clips, and ID Slot Punches.

In 1999 Photo ID Systems, USA added digital PVC Card based ID Card systems
as a replacement for Polaroid ID Systems, as most customers then were transiting to
digital computer based PVC Card ID Systems.

Sorry, but we no longer can support Polaroid film based Photo ID Systems.
Thank you for your understanding.

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